Orignal iPad With Dual Dock Connectors Sold For $10,800 On eBay

Yeah that’s right folks you read it right original iPad had Dual Dock Connectors and moreover it was sold on eBay for a mind blowing $10,800 on an eBay auction. This news must have bought a smile on Steve Job’s face in heaven seeing his iPad prototype actually getting sold for almost 10 times its current value.

Orignal iPad With Dual Dock Connectors Sold For $10,800 On eBay apple ipad1 300x225Some people might argue this $10,800 might have been put to better use but if you are tech savvy then you would surely understand that awesome feeling of holding a gadget that exclusive in your hands which probably is alone in the whole planet.

Orignal iPad With Dual Dock Connectors Sold For $10,800 On eBay ipad prototype switchboard 300x200The prototype had two more functions than the final iPad which we saw one of them being the Dual Dock Connectors which would allow a user to charge and communicate with a dock both vertically (as normal) and horizontally. And both of these ports still work on the sold device. The other extra function you may say being that this iPad prototype has Apple’s software testing suite, SwitchBoard, still installed. Giving it an exclusive feel itself since the number of devices running on switchboard can be counted on hands.

But like everything the original iPad is also not perfect. The seller on eBay said that this prototype has a problem with its touch screen with a problem with the “digitizer” cited. The prototype iPad is fully functional apart from the faulty touch screen which may or may not can be fixed, the seller on eBay was not sure. It should also be noted that the iPad prototype also has a different battery than the original iPad. Another point,not so important, is that the prototype misses the securing clip that holds down the display’s flex cable.

The prototype was originally put up on auction with the auction price being $4,800 and a “Buy now” button with a price of $10,000. However it was sold for $800 more.

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