Samsung Cheats, ‘Stability’ Update Robs Galaxy S3 Of Local Search

Samsung Cheats, Stability Update Robs Galaxy S3 Of Local Search samsung galaxys3 pebble blue e1343313276955 172x300Samsung cheats, these are the first two words which you might get to hear from every user of the international version of Samsung Galaxy S3 on various Galaxy S3 dedicated blogs and forums.

Apparently, Samsung has released an OTA update for the Galaxy S3 which they refer to as a ‘stability’ update. We don’t know how much stable it makes the device but the it has been now confirmed that the OTA update robs Samsung Galaxy S3 of the local search facility. In case you are wondering what the local search facility is and how will it affect you and your Samsung Galaxy S3 then read on the few lines below.

Before the update, when ever Samsung Galaxy S3 users used to conduct a web search, the data generated from the results which was stored in the phone locally. For example if you would search for an app, then apart from the results from web, the results would have also included a shortcut icon for the app.

Apparently, some U.S. Samsung Galaxy S3 and unlocked international version of the Galaxy S3 users are reporting that the local search is no more available in their respective devices.

The lost functionality is a direct result of the patent infringement case between Samsung and Apple. The patent included the local search and the verdict came in favor of Apple, as a result of which Samsung had to remove the functionality from all the Galaxy S3′s through an update.

Samsung Galaxy S3 users have often shared that they totally understand that Samsung is forced to remove the local search and there is nothing much which Samsung could do about it but it is not at all acceptable that Samsung took the local search away in the name of a ‘stability’ update.

If you wish to keep this functionality, do not apply the update. Feel free to share your views on Samsung removing the local search from the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the name of a stability update.

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