Samsung Galaxy Nexus Ban To Be Lifted Next Week, Says Google

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Ban To Be Lifted Next Week, Says Google galaxy nexus review 300x250Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been available for quite a while now but is still having troubles with lawsuits. Recently, Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung Galaxy Nexus which resulted in a ban for the device in the US. However, Google will be making some changes to workaround the ban and lift it next week.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Ban, A Blessing In Disguise?

Apparently, Apple lawsuit claimed that Samsung Galaxy Nexus has violated some of its patents. The patents included the ability to perform unified searches or in more simple terms, the ability to search for a term in both, apps and web from a single search box. The court found Apple claims to be true and as a result Samsung Galaxy Nexus was banned from US grounds.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is already being worked on by Google for a workaround to the ban, Google has actually confirmed to ABC that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will go back on shelves on next week.

According to experts, Google will most probably modify Android 4.1 Jelly Bean itself, to prevent any future lawsuits with Apple which might mean that users might have to say goodbye to the unified search feature but at least the device won’t go on a ban and Google will most probably introduce something better than the traditional one stop search box, so it might actually be a blessing in disguise.

With Apple claiming too many lawsuits on companies, experts have been forced to believe this as a cheap marketing trick. Apple is receiving negative comments from all around the world, not just from Android and Galaxy fans but from Apple fans themselves. The most common comment which can be seen on tech blogs is “I agree. I was going to buy a MacBook Pro. Now I am definitely buying a Windows laptop.”

Whatever the case may be, history has been evident, Google never backs off of its word. So we are pretty sure that Galaxy Nexus will go back on sale within a week.

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