Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rumor Roundup – Part 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rumor Roundup   Part 2 This is the part 2 of the post Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rumor Roundup-Part 1 which was posted yesterday.


While buying an Android smart phone, one of the biggest concern that a consumer has is, “what will be the Android version in the phone I’m about to buy?” and believe me guys, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is no exception.

There have been rumors going around that the Note’s successor will come with Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich right out of the box, which means that like most of the Samsung’s high end device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will also be getting its Jelly Bean update in Q4 this year. However, before you get your hopes down, let us also remind you of the fact that it has been quite a while since the release of Jelly Bean, time long enough for Samsung to make this rumored 5.5 inch gigantic smart phone run on Jelly Bean right out of the box.


If speculations from experts are to be believed then the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be coming to loads of carriers and here is how the list goes.

1.Verizon: Verizon currently has the biggest 4G LTE network in the United States, so it just makes more sense commercially for Samsung to release the smartphone with Verizon branding.

2.Sprint: The original Note was rumored to be coming on Sprint but for some reasons, it couldn’t. Hence, there are speculations going around that this time Sprint wont miss the chance.

3.T-Mobile: The original Note was released on this network, but with no 4G LTE connectivity, the chances of doing the same this year are pretty weak. However, that doesn’t mean that T-Mobile is out of the list.

4.AT&T: It has the power of 4G and carried the original Samsung Galaxy Note, what other reason does it need to be included in the list?

5.U.S. Cellular: The carrier just made on to the list, but the chances of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 releasing with this branding are very feeble.


After the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 tech specs and carrier availability it all comes down to the price ultimately and of course there haven’t been any leaks or rumors about the price of the device, that just doesn’t mean that there are no speculations.

Currently, experts are suggesting that the Note 2 with the lowest storage option available, the device would probably be priced at $199.99 with a 2 year contract

It goes without saying that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of its own kind so carriers will definitely try to overcharge for the unique 5.5 inch display and S-Pen.

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  1. nitesh agrawal pune

    ya a lot of rumors are around the corner for samsung galaxy note2 a lot of hype is create among the people about the specifications of the phone. the launch date is 29th august 2012 in Berlin. just 48 hours left. than all the rumors will be clear off..

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