Samsung Galaxy S2 Probably Won’t Get Jelly Bean, Reason Explained

Samsung Galaxy S2 Probably Wont Get Jelly Bean, Reason Explained Samsung Galaxy S21Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of those very few smartphones whose tech specs are capable enough to support Google’s latest addition to the Android family, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. However, it is still not clear whether the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be able to handle the goodness of Jelly Bean smoothly or not.

According to a report on TheChristianPost, Samsung Galaxy S2 is bound by some hardware limitations which might prevent users to taste the Jelly Bean update.

Samsung Galaxy S2 screen resolution of 800 X 480 px is considered too low for Jelly Bean and the dual-core 1.2 GHz processor is also one of the roadblocks for Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy S2. Another thing worth mentioning is that even if Samsung Galaxy S2′s dual core processor somehow manages to run Jelly Bean, it will be nearly impossible to run the TouchWiz UI simultaneously.

Developers are also worried about the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with only 1GB of RAM and has Mali-400MP GPU both of which are what considered border line or in most cases insufficient tech specs needed for Jelly Bean.

Now even if we consider just for the sake of argument that the Samsung Galaxy S2 has tech specs needed for compatibility with Jelly Bean, the 1650 mAh Li-ion battery just won’t be sufficient to provide enough battery backup to last even for a day.

A similar situation is was witnessed with the Samsung Galaxy S I9000 and Ice Cream Sandwich, where after months of testing, the company finally had to announce that Galaxy S I9000 was incapable of handling ICS (and then there’s that marketing tactic to get people to the Galaxy S3). Hence, it is expected from Samsung that they will make the situation regarding the Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S2 clear in the coming few weeks.

Feel free to share your opinion about Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy S2.

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  1. While this post is about Jelly Bean will be reaching or not to the Samsung Galaxy S2, I believe many people are still even waiting to get the Ice Cream Sandwich. For those still stuck at that stage you might want to check my post at: which will show you how to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE and other variants to Ice Cream Sandwich and get one step ahead toward the Jelly Bean.



    The Galaxy Nexus S (single core) was updated to Jelly Bean recently, and it has the same screen resolution as the S II. Since that’s the case, it’s very possible for it to run the new firmware — even with TouchWiz on top of it — because it’s equipped with a dual-core processor. The Galaxy Nexus i9250 has almost the same innards as the S II, only it runs at an HD screen resolution, and it got the Jelly Bean update as well.

    The Nexus i9250 has dual-core, no TouchWiz, but runs at 1280×720 pixels; the S II i9100 has dual-core, TouchWiz, but runs at 800×480 pixels. I think the performance of both phones is somewhat even because of the trade-offs. Insider news already mentioned the first tests for running Jelly Bean on the S II has been noted a success, so the odds of it being officially rolled out is getting closer to reality.

  3. Jason923884

    The Galaxy S2 has either better or the same tech specs as the Galaxy Nexus, which is the first phone to get Jelly Bean. If the S2 doesn’t get Jelly Bean I will be VERY sad :(

  4. Mark

    I was about to throw my galaxy s i9000 away when I gave it a shoot and installed a custom ROM with ICS. Let me tell you, it runs so fast and smooth, even better than old Gingerbread. I’m keeping my old phone and save myself a few hundred bucks.

  5. pratik

    I am currently using the Jelly bean on my GS2.

    Its really smooth and all the applications are performing good.

    The ROM which I have got does not contain the TouchWiz UI from Samsung (Which is quite boring).

    As Jelly bean is just an update for ICS the capability of running ICS itself give good reason to GS2 to handle JB.

    So people you dont have to worry.

    Its a superb phone. Cheers.

    Thanks & Regards,

      • Winterman

        Yup, I’m running it too.. Solid as a rock!! The only function not working that I can see the the HW Compressor (Butter)!

        Been running 3 days now without a single glitch or Force Close etc :D


        It’s probably a custom ROM.

  6. I have heard there isn’t much difference between JB and ICS, though an official upgrade would certainly be welcomed by us all.

  7. Shahir

    We are welcome JB, but my request to samsung is before release a firmware test and make it bug free.
    Still the ICS 4.0.3 contain bug, its better samsung to fix that instude of going behind the JB.


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