Samsung Galaxy S3: CyanogenMod 9 Available For All Carriers Except Verizon

Samsung Galaxy S3: CyanogenMod 9 Available For All Carriers Except Verizon Samsung Galaxy S310 e1342709487353Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently one of the most popular phones worldwide all thanks to the exclusive features and the superb tech specs it offers. It is due to this popularity that CyanogenMod team decided to release the latest version of CyanogenMod 9 for all the models available in the US except for Verizon.

If a report from AndroidAuthority is to be believed, Verizon initially tried to blame Samsung, which might be considered the main reason why Samsung Galaxy S3 Developer edition which had an unlocked bootloader was released in the first place.

While Samsung Galaxy S3 users on other carriers can enjoy custom ROMs, Verizon users on the other hand, will be forced to use only the stock ROM which comes with Samsung Galaxy S3 and will be totally dependent on Verizon and Samsung for the updates to come in near future.

However, it is worth noting that the CyanogenMod 9 ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S3 models on carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint are not stable enough to be called perfect but future updates should make it more stable and eventually we will get to see CyanogenMod 10.

Even though many developers are of the opinion that we might get to see CyanogenMod 9 to support Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3, we really doubt that, as the developers have to figure out a workaround first to unlock the locked bootloader.

Feel free to comment your views on CyanogenMod 9 non-availability for Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 and do you think there are any chances that we might see CyanogenMod 9 compatibility in the Verizon S3 in the near future?

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  1. keith

    Can someone post a link to download?

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