Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update: Feature Roundup – Part 1

Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update: Feature Roundup   Part 1 Samsung Galaxy S3 pebble blue1 300x142Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean pre-release is now installed on many units already and it sure comes with a lot of new features. Here is a quick feature roundup for the update.

Redesigned Notification Bar

As already seen in the Nexus 7 already, the on Samsung Galaxy S3 also opts for the standard Jelly Bean notification bar but with a touch of TouchWiz. The Notification bar is much more interactive and user friendly now.

Android Beam

Along with the S-Beam, the users will now be able to transfer files through Android Beam. The technology uses NFC to initiate connection with other device and uses Bluetooth for file transfers.

Google Now

Since the Android comes straight from Google itself, it is impossible that the new Android doesn’t introduce a new Google feature and Google Now is just another example of that. The new feature allows users to view relevant messages like weather, calender appointments, navigation data, sport scores, etc, all based on the location and Google account info.

Easy Mode

If you are too lazy to put app shortcuts on your home screen or are new to smartphones, then don’t worry the “Easy Mode” on Samsung Galaxy S3 will help you out. It is a simpler home screen setup which automatically fills your home screens with large widgets showing your favorite settings, apps and contacts.

Dormant mode

Very similar to the iOS’s Do Not Disturb mode, the dormant mode gives the ability to user to turn off almost all kinds of notifications permanently or for some specific hours.

S-Note Lite

The S-Memo of Samsung Galaxy S3 has been now replaced by an app called S Note which was earlier found in the Galaxy Note devices. The app gives you he ability to create multimedia notes, incorporating texts, drawings, sound, video and voice recordings.

This ends the part one of the roundup, part 2 of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean feature roundup will be posted soon has been posted.

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  1. galaxys3fan

    Why is nobody talking about “project butter” for Samsung galaxy s3 ?

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