Samsung Galaxy S3 NOW Available on Vodafone UK Network

Samsung Galaxy S3 NOW Available on Vodafone UK Network GALAXY S III  pic 300x300Vodafone UK has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB (Marble white version) is now available on their network. They are said to be having the 32 GB version of the phone but if reports are to be believed, then production has been delayed by 2-4weeks. Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most pre ordered Android device till date.

The prices of the Galaxy S3 are not quite what people had expected but you can have the phone for free if you take it on a two year contract basis with a £41 bill monthly. This offer from Vodafone will include 900 minutes of calling, unlimited texting and for the time being 2GB of data and a surprise addition being 2GB BTOpenzone WiFi access.

The Galaxy S3 has interesting features such as the Pop-up Play feature which allows a person using the device to watch a video even while texting. The Smart Stay feature knows whenever you are looking at the screen and the Best Photo option picks your best photo for you. Now that’s convenience at its best.

If Samsung’s new phone tempts people not currently using Android devices to buy it, Vodafone UK is going to transfer all their contacts, text messages, pictures and videos to their new Galaxy S3. The Tech team at Vodafone has also been training hard for the last month on the new Galaxy and are available everywhere, online, at the store and also on the phone. They help customers set up their new Android device and also help with any kind of troubleshooting.

Samsung Galaxy S3 NOW Available on Vodafone UK Network vodafone logo1 300x216The Galaxy S3 is also available on the Vodafone Data Drive Plan which allows users who pay their bill monthly to use as much data as they want for three months so that they can explore their phone to the limit and at the end of three months they will tell the user how much data they used and whether their current data plan is suitable for them or not. People who had pre-ordered their phones have started receiving them starting yesterday and new orders will be available in 2-4 weeks.

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