Samsung Galaxy S3: Preorders From All Carriers Still Not Recieved [Includes AT&T And Sprint]

Samsung Galaxy S3: Preorders From All Carriers Still Not Recieved [Includes AT&T And Sprint] Samsung Galaxy S3 e1341161085263 179x300Samsung Galaxy S3 is already creating history with more than 9 million pre orders worldwide but sadly for the US customers, Samsung and other network carriers have been unable to deliver these pre-orders on time.

Most Customers who have pre-ordered the 16 GB model of Samsung Galaxy S3 from AT&T on or before June 21, have received the unit but the users who pre-ordered after that are still waiting for their Samsung Galaxy S3. More over, there is no set in stone release date for the 32 GB version of Galaxy S3.

Apparently, AT&T was originally believed to deliver the pre-ordered handsets “on or before June 21″. However, on the said delivery date, AT&T released a press statement that the pre-ordered devices should not be expected before June 25 but even then the Galaxy S3 pre-orders arrived only for a few customers.

Another fact worth noticing is that, earlier in June AT&T announced that the date for on store availability for the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be June 28, which proved to be yet another lie. Among all the US network carriers, T-Mobile is only the one who has the in-store availability for the Samsung Galaxy S3, and that too only for a selected cities.

It can no longer be denied, that Samsung is unable to handle this tremendous demand for the S3 and if a report is to be believed Samsung has lost about 2 million sales, just because of the late delivery of the Galaxy S3′s.

It appears that every cellular network is facing such supply crisis except for Verizon Wireless who estimated the shortage for Samsung Galaxy S3 before hand. Sprint is also facing the same supply crisis as other U.S. network carrier. Sprint has stated that the 16GB version of Galaxy S3 will be available for in-store purchase starting July 1 but so far no S3 has been reported to be purchased from a Sprint store.

The Big Red will launch both 16GB and 32GB variants of Galaxy S3 on July 11.
U.S. Cellular will also carry the Galaxy S3, but the carrier hasn’t announced any release date so far.

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