Samsung Nexus S Gets Buggy Jelly Bean Update

Samsung Nexus S Gets Buggy Jelly Bean Update Google Nexus S e1343317167939 180x300Google Nexus S users have already got the goodness of Jelly Bean over the past couple of weeks, thanks to various custom ROMs. But now it’s all official. Apparently, a few networks have made the OTA update for Jelly Bean available for Google Nexus S.

The list of few networks which are already rolling out the Jelly Bean update for Google Nexus S includes Three, Rogers, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Wind and finally Mobilicity and just to add an extra smile on your face, Engadget has now confirmed that the T-Mobile US users will also get to taste Jelly Bean on their Google Nexus S.

The 114 MB update looks good at the first glance and in fact you might actually like it after seeing how smooth home screen transitions are, that the project butter has done wonders to your Google Nexus S but this is where all the good things end for the Nexus S Android 4.1 update.

Poor Battery Life

Jelly Bean has always been accused of poor power battery management and in fact some users call it as ‘battery killer’ and it looks like Jelly Bean for Google Nexus S is no exception. When the ICS update first rolled out for Google Nexus S, users did notice a slightly higher battery consumption than usual but Jelly Bean just made the matter worst.

Slower Gmail

Well frankly speaking, this one was a bit of shocker, after the update many Nexus S users have reported that somehow loading emails takes longer now. It is not clear whether this is because of some modifications done to the Gmail app for the Jelly Bean on Nexus S or it is something else, but we are pretty sure that this could be fixed by a simple OTA update.

New SMS messages

This issue so far is the most irritable one, after updating the Nexus to Jelly Bean, if the user tries to compose a new text message instead of opening an existing one, the sms app freezes for anywhere between 10 seconds to a minute and some users even reported that the SMS app is much more unstable now.

Feel free to share any issues with your Nexus S which you are experiencing since you have got the Jelly Bean update.

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  1. Jon

    1. “Auto-Rotate enabled” high cpu bug is still present in 4.1.1, Google didn’t even fix it.

    2. The “System” (KSMD) process is constantly running the CPU at approximately 10% when the phone is idle.

    Google needs to clean up the Android OS before releasing another version. These bugs are starting to get out of control…

  2. Lorne

    I agree, the update is not as good as I expected for the Nexus S. Have tried both a custom ROM and a stock ROM; Have noticed that the Google Now service slows the device down (but that makes sense, it does a lot on the phone. Google Now can be selectively reduced in number of services running or disabled). And SMS addressing and sending had gotten buggy.

    One bonus: voice dictation and voice search works better in JB.

  3. ToniSky

    OMG .. the Jelly Bean update is just a disaster to the Nexus S.
    Overall system performance has declined by over 50%.
    What sucks the most is the SMS app. very unstable! and the keyboard won’t stop freezing

  4. Keerthi

    Here are the Pros and Cons after the upgrade to Jelly Bean 4.1.1
    Pros –
    1. The new features on the slide down Notification bar is awesome, though the slide is a bit laggy than the ICS
    2. Voice commands and voice dictation is improved, however it is not working in offline(data turned off)
    3. Now you can open gallery by just swiping right on the screen when you are on the camera app, swipe left will bring you back to the camera app from the recent pic captured!
    4. The kinetic scrolling has improved in conversations slightly
    5. You can switch to all songs list by a touch on top right from the Now Playing screen in music player/play music app.
    Cons –
    1. Battery life is reduced noticeably! ICS (4.0.4) was excellent in battery management, feels horrible on Jelly Bean :(
    2. Bluetooth share option is not available in play music app, Google, why a step backward???
    3. Bit laggy while switching to camera app from lock screen compared to ICS 4.0.4
    4. Transitions are not noticeably smoother (No noticeable smoothness observed from Project Butter on Nexus S, but not laggy either)

    • Keerthi

      the transitions feel much better if you turn off the location services and switch to 2G only mode, got to know that the battery life will also improve from this but need to check! Didnt notice the location services was on after the update! Will post the batter status after some testing!

      • Anshuman

        Battery life improves more than double with 2G. I am getting more than 40 hours on 2G with good usage. With similar usage and 3G on, I am getting about 14 hours of battery.

  5. kokotron

    I’m surprised noone mentions the following bugs: (1st one is not important, 2nd is damn serious)

    1. On the SLCD variant of Nexus S (the i9023), the CRT animation when locking the phone works only once in a million.

    2. Most importantly, try to place a widget of an app you have purchased from Play Store. Reboot your phone. Widget is gone, you have to replace. The root of all evil for this one can be seen here:

  6. ivan

    The battery life is horrible, even worse than ICS. Really I didn’t catch any improvement that’s why for the first time I changed the OTA roms. Now I use CM 9 for nexus s and its better than JB. The battery lasts for 1.5 -2 days of 24h 3G+2-3h GSM+3-4 h WiFi. The system is quite stable and its more beautiful than the stock.

  7. tnday

    I haven’t had any of the problems listed above. The only problem I have had since the OTA upgrade to JB – any phone conversation over 5 minutes and the phone reboots itself. Dropped conversations and waiting for the reboot process (fortunately faster than ICS) suck big time. It happens several times a day, 3 times already today.

  8. eugene

    I’m really getting annoyed: general sluggishness, occasional crashes (last one in settings-battery) and unusable, freezing voice search

    • Chad

      My Nexus S 4G received the 4.1.1 Jelly Bean upgrade on Sprint. I don’t want this ‘upgrade’! Battery life is reduced up to 50%. I’ve turned off Bluetooth, GPS, 4G networks and WiFi. I used Advanced Task Killer to ensure applications weren’t causing problems. I’ve killed every app possible. The browser is hard to read, it reboots itself once in a while. I’ve returned to taking my power cord with me to work because it won’t last a full day with minimal usage. Outside of a slightly smoother home screen this was a significant step backwards. JB was designed to for tablets and Google lost sight of the smartphone angle. Google had better fix this terrible upgrade. I am not happy with 4.1.1 at all. Terrible!

  9. Rich

    ok im fed up of this buggy mess that android is, im moving to iphone i dont care if it a closed system at least it work well and lasts!

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