Sony Finally Rolling-Out a Worldwide Android 4.0 Update

Sony Finally Rolling Out a Worldwide Android 4.0 Update sony tablet update ice cream sandwich  300x200Sony is finally giving out a worldwide update to their tablet S and tablet P users. Earlier this update was only made available to the users in US and not even in Sony’s homeland Japan. Currently the two Sony tablets S and P run on Android 3.2.1 but this update would upgrade their Android build to 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich. The update was scheduled for months before but was delayed due to some reasons.

Sony Tablet S currently features Android 3.1 Honeycomb which can now be updated to Android 4.0 ICS. Sony Tablet S runs on a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual core processor which makes it fast enough. It has an average screen size of 9.4 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels making it quite enjoyable to work on or to watch movies. But the real downside of Sony Tablet S is that it has only an inbuilt memory of 32 GB which may be a little disappointing to users who love to maintain a collection of movies & media in their tablet computers.

Sony Finally Rolling Out a Worldwide Android 4.0 Update Twitter Logo 300x110Finally after putting all the rumors to their grave, an official tweet from Sony on 18th May 2012 stated “Great news for #SonyTablet S owners: The Android 4.0 update will be released for all regions by end of May. Thanks for your patience!”. Meanwhile Sony Japan officially announced May 24 as the drop date for Android 4.0 landing on both Tablet S and Tablet P devices specifically in that country. So it is very clear that tablet P owners can also expect the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update by the end of may.

Sony with this whole late update thing triggered a somewhat angry mob in the Sony-Europe official forum where 1000′s of Sony Tablet owners complained more about the lack of communication and customer support than the late updates. One of the forum members actually referred Sony as “Stony” due to its ignorance towards its customers.

Sony really needs to go back to the time when people always checked Sony’s version of a product before buying anything else. For a general consumer the ICS delay would be acceptable if Sony just talked to their customers. Actually a majority of people would have taken it on the chin if better communications had been undertaken by Sony. A little bit of customer care would go a long way….

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  1. keyur Patel

    Cen you tell me wen sony is to lonch android 4 fou tab-s in india?

    • Arjit Singh

      there is still no date fixed yet but it can never be more than 3 months than the US release

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