Sony PS4: 6 Features It Needs To Be Awesome

Sony PS4: 6 Features It Needs To Be Awesome Sony PS4 e1341769097679Sony PlayStation 4 or more commonly known as PS4, still has some time left for its official release date. But there are many fans who expect some features which they would love to see in their future PS4.

So, here we are with a list of the most common features which people want to see in the yet to be released PS4.

Backwards Compatibility

Believe it or not, there are still many people out there with a shelf full of PSOne and PS2 games. These people just can’t throw away the classics which made them fall in love with the PlayStation series and really wish that they could play all the games in one console. Even though PS2 did a great job in running its predecessor’s games, PS3 just didn’t do the trick with many PS2 games. So we would really love to see, PS4 with a full backwards compatibility.

Physical Discs

I am pretty sure that there are a lot of PlayStation owners who will disagree with me and will consider purchasing games online through the PS4 Network as more convenient but I personally just could not ditch that joy of bringing a new PlayStation game from the shop to my home and imagining how the game would really be, on the way. Sony, I would really love to see you to bring back the original and traditional system of buying the games while keeping the current online system, let users decide what they want.

Better Voice Chat

If there is one thing that PS3 lacked then it was surely in terms of voice chat, especially when you compare it with the voice chat of Xbox 360. The voice chat always lags and even if you somehow manage to get the messages without any missing words(very rare) they are just not clear enough to understand. So, a built-in voice chat with crystal clear clarity should be the first priority of Sony to put in PS4.

Shorter Loading Time

There is nothing more annoying than a loading screen while playing a first person shooting game. No matter how powerful the console gets, the loading time just doesn’t seem to decrease. Gamers don’t care if Sony has to put an insane amount of RAM and a very powerful processor in the PS4, all they really want is to save those precious seconds wasted in loading time to spend in some actual gaming.

Bigger HDD

PS3 does come with a pretty good hard disk but my 320 GB PS3 got almost full in a matter of few months. I am a collector and it feels just like a stab in the heart when i have to delete an old game to make space for a new one on my PS3, and especially with some latest high end computers coming with terabytes of space, it just makes more sense for Sony to feature a HDD of at least 1 Tera Byte.

Good Initial Price

True, that I am a game addict but my pocket just won’t allow me to spend months of savings on a gaming console. The PS3 was originally priced at around $600 and 2 years later, the world is blessed with a more powerful model, the PS3 Slim, and the price drops to $299. This is the price which everyone loves to pay for such a device. It will be just great if Sony realizes this and launches the PS4 with a similar price tag or at least not with a $600 price tag.

This concludes the list of features which the PS4 needs to be awesome. Feel free to comment if you think we missed out anything.

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  1. bigevilworldwide

    Your kinda of delusional if you think they are going to put full BC into it. If it’s true they have dropped the cell it wont even have PS3 BC. If you have to delete things from your HDD thats kind of on you considering you can get a 1TB HD and put it in yourself for less than $100. So it’s kind of pointless to demand huge HDDs when your more than capable of changing your HDD. Same thing with price you’ll be lucky if it’s less than $500, people seem to forget that with new tech comes new prices, your nor going to see a $200-$300 PS4 you might as well not plan on buying one same thing with MS but they will probably have a ghetto no HDD version for $399.

  2. usrev2

    they will probaly have BC for PS3 games. even without cell processor ( which they won’t use as it failed miserably) it can be done with hyperthreading a quad core cpu.
    chances are we will get a 500gb~1TB HDD, and I would guess a small onboard SSD for caching. with a decent GPU the console will cost $400 or so retail. people seem to forget consoles are sold at a loss, and the only reason the PS3 was so much money was because of R&D for the cell processor.

    • DarthDiggler

      By what standard do you say the Cell “failed”? The Cell produced games like Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Killzone 2. All of these titles utilized tech that wasn’t previously thought of to be possible on a console.

      The Cell would be a great addition to the PS4, honestly the Cell could easily carry another generation with little tweaks.

  3. Jason

    Five hundred and ninety nine dollars! Seriously, you can give up hope on Sony next gen. They have nowhere near the budget of their closest competitor and will fail miserably. Cell is the most hated architecture in the business and the only thing keeping the PS3 alive is the brand, otherwise most devs would have dropped it ages ago. And that is why their market share has had the biggest drop anyone has ever had in the industry and Sony are near death financially. Sony equals overhype and underdeliver.

  4. whocares

    is that the most importnet list you could come up with??

    Less difficult coding,
    PSN upgrade, profiles, community access etc
    enough hardware power to last another 5-8 years,
    ability to buy any game from PSN (ANY! new and old game)
    backwards compatibility with PS3

  5. John

    Yup – the voice chat really needs a make over. I could on ALL day about what features the new PS4 should have but, I wont! But the “Shorter Loading Time” has nothing to do with the box or Sony! That’s down to software mate, compare loading times of Max Payne with a Sony exclusive and you will see I’m talking about. Loading times are down to the developer, not the machine! Simple stuff

  6. Manatu

    Backward compatibility – Dont need it… I am not throwing my Ps3 away, and it is something that only a minority uses (and not that often), and considering that all good PS1 and PS2 games are in PSN already, even less sense it makes. (with PS4 and Gaikai, you can very likely play your favorite PS3 games without having to download them).

    Physical Discs – A MUST! Not all the world has fast internet, not having discs with result in low sales in many parts of the world.

    Better Voice Chat – What for?? Its a gaming console! If you want to talk with your friends phone them!

    Shorter Loading Time – Are the PS3 loading times that long? I have played loads of games and the loading times don´t annoy me at all. I would prefer that effort to go to better gaming performance, more stable framerates and less screen tearing.

    Bigger HDD – Not needed… it would just increase the price even more. 320-500gb is more than enough.

    Good Initial Price – With all your unnecessary suggestions i doubt it, but i know SONY knows best. Sometimes things that are simple work better.

  7. Bob

    I really like the internet. Especially if its fat so i can download my fav games on psn at low times. It also plays games and talking. Swimming is cool but it needs to have a fast CPU. The price would be old bike. My stabilisers fell off so pokemon jumped off my roof and into my skl bag and off we went for an ice cream!

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