Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch ICS OTA Update Rolling out AGAIN

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch ICS OTA Update Rolling out AGAIN Sprint Epic 4G Touch e1343916776370Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch got its first Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich a.k.a ICS update a couple of weeks back but due to too many complaints and reports, the update was stopped mid way. Many Sprint Epic 4G Touch units were left out but now a new update has started to rollout which is expected to get rid of all the previous bugs.

Apparently, the previous ICS update for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch was reported to be too buggy to be of any practical use so Sprint had to stop rolling out the OTA update. In case you have forgotten what the Sprint Epic 4G Touch ICS update was all about then here is a quick recap for you.

After the update, the Sprint Epic 4G will get all the goodness of ICS which includes a better UI, Face Unlock, better Camera app, better stock web browser which now has the ability to sync Google bookmarks and can request full desktop version of websites, much better keyboard which surprisingly guesses all the words correctly and has an inline spell checker which we all love, new calender app, redesigned Gmail app which can now search emails without any data connection and can swipe between conversations for faster chatting, better Google+ integration and finally support for Android Beam which would enable two Samsung NFC enabled smartphones to share web pages, apps, contacts and Youtube videos, all through a simple tap.

Since the ICS update for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G will be sent OTA, it will probably take some time to hit the Sprint Epic 4G Touch units in your area but you can always check into settings and pull the update manually.

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  1. Shane K

    Got the update a couple days ago and was excited. To my surprise it works pretty well. Still a little buggy as some apps have not been ported yet. Swype still has problems with 4 or less words although i am using it to write this.
    It is all pretty features and nothing really useful. My modem seems to be worse than before but could be a sporting problem rather than update. Dave unlock is cute but useless as someone with a similar face structure will pass for you. All in all I’m not really for or against it. Update away.

  2. Jack Rogue

    Since the update I’ve noticed my battery doesn’t last as long, I got a few apps that I didn’t want. The google music player is one, which ruined a lot of my playlist. It’s a hassle that could have been avoided. Kind of regretting not getting the iPhone right now.

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