Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch OTA Update Swype Bug Fix (Workaround)

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch OTA Update Swype Bug Fix (Workaround) Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G1 e1342536979333Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch ICS OTA update finally began to roll out yesterday but instead of making the users happy, the update has left the users craving for their old Sprint Epic 4G Touch build.

Apparently, the ICS update brought more bugs and troubles than it introduced the new features. Users are complaining that they have faced many bugs & lags on their Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G since the ICS update.

For instance, WiFi connectivity issues, shorter battery backup, web browsing speed decreased, more RAM usage than the previous build, slower phone (sometimes freezes & lags too) and the most important of all the Swype functionality is no more available/usable in the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G.

However, some users have reported that Swype works just fine on their phone. Some users have found a workaround to get the Swype keyboard working again. Below is the guide on how to turn on the Swype keyboard on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G after the ICS update.

Step 1: Go to Settings>Apps>Swype
Step 2: Tap Disable and then tap on Clear Data option.
Step 3: Now re-enable.
Step 4: Goto Settings>Language and Input>Keyboards and Input methods> Default.
Step 5: Enjoy the swype keyboard.

It is not yet known exactly when Sprint will be rolling out another update to fix the issues in this one. The official OTA update adds a load of new features to the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G, like for example a simple and better UI, face unlock: a state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to unlock your phone with a smile, better camera app which introduces panorama mode, powerful photo editor, Android Beam™, improved web browser which is now cable of syncing bookmarks from Google Chrome™ and request full desktop versions of sites, enhanced Google+ experience, better copy-paste support, a new Calender app which can sync with Google Calendar™ or Microsoft Exchange, redesigned Gmail™ app which does not need an internet connection to search mails and then finally Google+ integration that lets you hangout and video chat with up to 10 friends using your front-facing camera.

Feel free to comment your views on the Sprint Epic 4G Touch ICS update & if this temporary solution worked out for you or not.

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  1. Alex s.

    I was thinking it would be an update for the better but it’s the worst update ever. I regret pressing the update button. Needs to be fixed ASAP!!!!

    • sugeasy

      i agree alex! i wish i didnt update at all! my phone runs slow,gets hot, freezes and internet is weak now! they do need A update quick! Like when comments started rolling out! The steps for getting swype to work , worked for me. did you try that?

    • Robin

      Thx for the Swype fix!! Missed my Swype keyboard terribly & was ready to bring phone to repair store to set back to old software (how do so many of you type without Swype??? All the convenient punctuation & number keys aren’t even on the Samsung qwerty keyboard! it requires so many additional unnecessary steps!) May still go back to old software though cause battery life is half what it used to be before update :(

    • Angel

      I agree!! There are still too many bugs in this upgrade. I missed my Swype, but with your fix it is working now. My phone lags, lags, and lllaaaagggggsssss. The new update also reduced my signal power (I don’t know how it did that), I used to have 3 to 4 bars where I live and now I get one, maybe two if I move around to different spots in the house. Both of these issues causes my battery life to drain like 3x faster that what it is used to. Also, for some reason there a few apps that are gone.. I don’t know why and can’t figure that one out either. I prefer the GUI from the old version and also miss my old swype keyboard (I think the new one looks ugly), wish I hadn’t upgraded it!!

  2. Paul

    I can’t do this. When I tap on swipe, damn thing totally locks on me. Won’t do anything.

    • Angel

      Did you do the steps in order listed above? That fix worked for me, the only thing I would change is step 4 which should be
      Settings>Language and Input>Default> Swype.

      f.y.i. – I tried the facial recognition to unlock my phone today and it works!! It’s suggested you take multiple photos (i.e. low light, smiling, with glasses on, no glasses, etc.) so it can recognize you in different conditions.

  3. Wasted Thyme

    Step 4 should be:
    Settings -> ‘Language and Input’ -> ‘Keyboards and Input methods’ -> Default.

  4. Mei

    thanks … my swype is working fine now.

  5. eric

    I expected to be able to compress my apps into and name a folder, that was one of the main reasons I downloaded. My friends HTC Sensation has the upgrade and works fine…very disappointed Sprint

  6. daniel

    Pandora does not work now :(…i miss the old swype keyboard this new sywpe board i got by doing wat it said above is not good…and my phone freezes like crazy

  7. scrap3000

    I still haven’t received my update…. I don’t know what’s going on!!!!

    • nicole

      You’re not missing out on anything, i promise. The new update sucks!

  8. Takizuzufu

    This is the fault of the people who were threatening to drop their sprint service if their phones were not updated to ICS. They did not work out all the bugs but released it early to please their customers. I am having more problems then just swype and am taking my phone to a Sprint store to get it all sorted out. Thanks for the workaround for swype but too bad it doesn’t fix the rest of my problems

  9. Ralph

    I wish there were a way to back track the update. Even with the above quick fix for swype, still doesnt work for me. Some apps dont work properly. Google music skips my mp3′s like im using CD’s. Battery life is definetly worse. I have to set each volume for all sounds (ringers, notifications) indepently because they are not unified like the previous version. (Silent mode doesnt apply to all)

  10. Lynn

    Well, the “fix” didn’t work for me. Swype wasn’t listed in my apps and doesn’t even respond to me when I try to check it under my languages and imput settings. But I did download the SlideIT app and it works very similarly. So far, I think I like it better. Cool 3D affect. But don’t get me wrong. I’m still ticked at Sprint for messing up my whole phone. I can’t stand the look of the contacts screen and all of my apps got put in ABC order, which I know some like, but I had them organized the way I like them and now I’m going to have to go through them all and rearrange them again. Not to mention, the whole system just seems to lag. It used to be lightening fast and now it takes forever to respond. And the speed of the processor was the #1 reason I got this phone in the 1st place.
    I hope Sprint fixes this quick. I’m not really concerned about all the face recognition crap, just give me back the phone that I bought!

  11. Alicia

    This is the worst update for any phone I’ve ever owned! The temporary fix for Swype did work; however, the keyboard is different from the previous version. There was nothing wrong with the keyboard, so why fix what isn’t broken? My phone is now EXTREMELY slow and freezes regularly. Sprint needs to either return to previous software or fix these bugs IMMEDIATELY!

  12. nicole

    Thanks. I was able to fix my Swype but I can’t figure out how to fix being able to screen shot. I try holding down the right side button and home and NOTHING happens :-\

  13. Tina

    Darn, I wish I had googled the update first and found this site. I just hit the update button and it’s currently upgrading my android without an option to cancel. I hope I don’t experience issues once it’s done :(

  14. Daniel

    I go to swype under apps and disable it but I can’t clear data because all the storage says it’s computing… but it never computes, so it never lets me clear data.

  15. AMH

    I installed the update manually and I dont have any problems except for having to reset my volume for calls and notifications. I love the new keyboard…its much easier to use.

  16. Colleen

    Thanks for at least helping me get my swype back!

  17. kc

    I still havent gotten the ics update, is there another way i can get it?

  18. Yazmil

    I definitely like my update and for the sound of it I might one of the rare people who now has a much faster phone, i enjoy the new keyboard and the fact I can tell where my battery percentage wise. I also have a much quicker browser and my swype is actually working better. So yeah I can’t complain and I’m enjoying it.

  19. Alex

    Does anyone know how to activate Android Beam on the Galaxy s2? With this update, it should have added NFC so that Beam would work, but I cant find it anywhere.

    • daniel A.

      It’s the battery utility don’t have the nfc chip…

  20. Marlon

    Omg worst update everrrr! I regret pressing the update… My images zoom in and I can’t find a new wallpaper for my life. Had to fix all my apps and everything as change. It’s a struggle to find my contacts. And don’t get me started with not being able change the home square thingies… Please change this ASAP!! I need my life back.

  21. Alex

    I just updated my phone as well. The main problem that I am having is that I cannot get my email on the phone now. the phone syncs up just fine, and the email comes through, but the emails are hidden behind some bar that has a check box on it. Will not allow me to move the bar or show the emails at all. I do my business on this phone so it has really hurt me financially today. Going to sprint tomorrow to either get gingerbread put back on this phone or to get a new phone altogether. Why cant a company have something working properly before duping us into installing it?

    • magpie

      Go to http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/94219, then scroll down to reply #4. Your email fix is there. I am not upgrading after reading all these horror stories. I love my E4GT just the way it is. I am a very patient person who will wait a few months longer to get a new phone with ICS already loaded. Hope it works out for you.

  22. Mary

    Thank you so much. This worked! I did have to do it twice, but it did eventually work. I learned my lession. I will never again do an update without making a backup to get the apps, etc that they decide to delete for no apparent reason.

  23. scrap3000

    Im still waiting on my update, still debating to update or not!!!

  24. daniel A.

    I got it and everything is fine but the phone resolution looks grainy?? Need help Idk what to do…

  25. I upgraded this morning. They need a downgrade button. Did the android people test this at all on the Galaxy II? Maybe it is a setup because I was playing around with a GSIII the other day and it was amazing. Look, I know swype may be fixable, but the bugs described in this thread are too vast to be a reality in 2012. Get it together!!!! Apple looks tempting.

  26. Yvette

    I updated my phone and so far the new upgrade stinks…..my battery life runs down fast…and now I am getting a message that says charging paused voltage to high….I have googled the voltage to high problem and others seem to have the same problem after the upgrade….I WANT THE OLD VERSION BACK>……I took my phone to best buy where I bought it and they set it back to factory settings and still having same problems…so aggravating. HURRY UP AND FIX THIS

  27. Julio

    Same problems phone freezes,and says sprint id stop working phone gets hot…..today it restart 3 times wow so much waiting for nothing!!!!!!

  28. chris

    there is a way to down grade back to EL29

  29. Travis

    Hurry and get a quick fix fast. I blame sprint just as much as android. Phones on their network always seems to be last to get everything. The iPhone is the same way on Sprint. I have a galaxyII and my lady has an iPhone 4S. Everyone that I know who has ATT or Verizon tend to work way better. Love the phone plans sprint offers, hate the service and with this new update, hate the phone.

  30. Dorian

    Thanks a lot for that swype fix!! I was really getting annoyed with the samsung key pad

  31. Julia

    does anyone know how to take a screenshot with the new update????????????? and also, how do you do the face recognition.

  32. Julia

    i just found out screenshot!!
    hold down the volume down button and the power button at the same time

  33. Lauren

    the update worked great for me. the only problem i have was swype keyboard and now that’s fixed

  34. Michelle

    Well I do not seem to have any of these problems but I have found out that while in the drive mode it does not read anything to you. It alerts you so and so texted you but does not give you the message. Kinda stinks. My battery life may be a little worse but I am sure glad I do not have all the problems I hear on this site. Is anyone else having issues with the drive mode?

  35. April

    I just got prompted to update today, and I think I will ignore it for now. I love my phone too much to take a chance. I’ll wait until they get the bugs out. Now to get my phone to understand that and not ask me every time I turn around.

  36. Maria G

    Yeah, thank you for giving me my beloved Swype back. The other bugs need to be fixed soon, they are causing me much grief. But the Swype was major so I thank you again.

  37. Katti

    I loved my phone until the update. Swype was totally unaffected on my phone, thank God. BUT… everything else is totally screwed up. My settings menu pops up whenever I try to do ANYTHING making it impossible to complete the task because it is in the way. And it won’t just pop up and stay there, it pops up and down about 50 times while I’m trying to type a text or take a picture or perform a search or whatever. So I’m constantly getting interrupted and ending up places I don’t intend because what I intend to press gets suddenly covered up by a different option. When I put it in silent mode but use my bluetooth, silent mode doesn’t exist and I get notifications in my ear the whole time. That’s been really fun for conducting tele-seminars which is something I do a couple times a week. Battery life has drastically decreased – I usually have to charge it in the middle of the day every day now. I have two separate Gmail accounts and only one is set to use Google Talk but I get messages on both of them no matter what I do. My navigation voice sounds like 3 different voices all rotating in one trip – one slow and low, one regular, and one really high-pitched and fast. My camera suddenly doesn’t take very good pictures. All of my settings changed – display, dictionary, alarm, sounds. I don’t get the same signal strength I used to. And the phone button on the home screen used to have contacts in it and now it doesn’t. When I press “phone” I only have the choice to dial a number or look up someone I already called. I can’t access my contacts. That is STUPID. When I go into contacts I have to first look for the person I want and then complete two additional steps to be able to actually contact them. It used to all be connected. Last week, when I sent texts to one person I would get a confused reply from someone else. I have seen NOTHING POSITIVE in the update and want to throw my phone against the wall about 5x a day at least. Sprint can’t do anything and Samsung said I can get the old version back IF I MAIL MY PHONE TO THEM AND WAIT THREE WEEKS FOR THEM TO FIX IT AND SEND IT BACK. Really?!?! I can’t possibly be without communication for 3 whole weeks and run two businesses.

  38. Greg

    Thanks for explaining how to reset Swype! It worked for me. I was missing it.

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