T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Review, Pros And Cons Explained

T Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Review, Pros And Cons Explained T Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note e1343913187201T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note release at this point of time might seem a little odd to most of the people but it definitely doesn’t mean that the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note is missing the spot light at all.

Before starting the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note review any further, it should be noted that the Galaxy Note is a little different than the traditional Android smartphones which often see. Samsung Galaxy Note is stronger, faster and of course bigger than most of the phones available in the market.

First impression

“It’s BIG”, yes these two words will probably be everyone’s response after seeing the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note for the first time. T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or more commonly known as ICS, right out of the box and is undoubtedly smooth and looks pretty well organized at the first glance. As soon as you hold the Galaxy Note in your palm, you will realize that this is just another Samsung Galaxy S2 but only bigger and updated with the latest firmware. The S Pen feels fantastic and enables many functions which will not be available on any other platform

Second Impression

It is a fact that first impression for almost all phones are always good, however, after spending some time with the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note, everyone has that late realization moment of the true pros and cons of the device. For instance, the 3.27-inches wide and 5.78-inches tall 800×1280 resolution Super AMOLED touch screen which we thought was just perfect to watch movies or play games on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note now seems too big to put in the pocket. It is just impossible to use the Note with one hand. The controls are too far from each other to hit with one thumb and the buttons are impossible to tap with one hand.

Tech Specs

If you are someone who is obsessed with tech specs or benchmarks and numbers then the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note is definitely not for you since the Note is almost 1 year old, it is bound to have some flaws when compared to the latest smartphones.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note features Android v4.0.4 ICS right out of the box complemented with Samsung TouchWiz and comes with a 5.3 inch HD Super AMOLED WXGA capacitive touch screen with resolution 1280×800 pixels and pixel density 285ppi. User can shoot HD videos through its 8MP LED Flash rear camera. As for the front the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note has a 2 MP front camera which is more than enough for video chatting.

Samsung does not disappoint us at all in terms of memory with the 16 GB of internal memory which can be further expanded up to 32 GB more which is also complemented by 1GB RAM.

As far as processor is concerned, while the 1.4GHz dual-core processor makes T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note smooth and fast enough, we must consider the fact that many android smartphones in the same budget category have quad cores in them.


While considering T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note there are mainly two question at hand: is it worth buying, and if so, will it satisfy the tablet hunger?

The answer is no, it is not worth buying, at least not at this point of time when the release date for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is about to be announced in the coming few weeks. For the second question, then yes, the 5.3 inch screen of T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note is completely capable of replacing a tablet and your smartphone. However, you might experience some issues with portability during the first few days but once you get used to it, the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note will be the best alternate to your tablet.

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