Verizon 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Now Rooted

Verizon 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Now Rooted Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 1 Inch 16GB Wi FiA workaround has been released to root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Verizon 4G LTE. Getting root access can sometimes be a giant pain. Fortunately, this one is pretty simple to hack into. All you have to do is download the exploit file, boot your tab into recovery mode and flash it with it. Viola! Be warned, though – With root access comes great responsibility. But what kind of geek would you be if you didn’t abuse that power.

A patch that brings Netflix streaming on the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, has also been shown to work on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Steps to root the device are as follows:

Step 1 – Root:

1. Download the file from THIS THREAD POST to your Tab10.1 (anywhere should work, I went with the /sdcard folder on my tab)

2. Power Down Tab

3. Power On and when you see the Samsung Text Hold Power + Volume UP (From This Post)
4. Select the Android+Box (Volume up to switch, then volume down to select)

5. Chose “apply update from /sdcard” and select the .zip file you downloaded in step 1 (When finished, the tab will automatically reboot).

6. Verify Root – You should see SuperUser in your apps when your tab finishes rebooting.

To be able to watch Netflix movies on your phone:

Step 2 – Asus Transformer Patch

1. Download the Transformer Patch from THIS THREAD

2. Install Patch – I chose to use Root Explorer to manually move the file into my /system/lib folder, but you could also reboot into recovery and apply the .zip file that way instead (steps 2-5 above).

3. Reboot – If you manually move the .so file you will need to reboot, using the recovery it should reboot for you when finished.

4. Watch Movies

[via XDA]
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  1. Mark

    DOES.NOT.WORK. Verizon 10.1 will not reboot into recovery.

    • Josh

      Mark does that mean that it will not root either? Or only rooted without* recovery?

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