Verizon Motorola Droid 4 ICS OTA Update Now Rollingout

Verizon Motorola Droid 4 ICS OTA Update Now Rollingout motorola droid 4 e1345387030272Motorola Droid 4 on Verizon was waiting for its Ice Cream Sandwich update since the release of OS itself and now that the ICS update is rolling out the wait has come to an end.

Apparently, the update would have rolled out way before if only Verizon had approved it. But nevertheless, the ICS update for Verizon Motorola Droid 4 is finally rolling out. The update will come in a huge size of 364.1MB and will change the Android version and build number to 4.0.4 and 6.16.217 respectively. Due to the size of the update we highly recommend you to have a good WiFi connection because if the download breaks at any point, it won’t resume and instead will start again.

If somehow your Verizon Motorola Droid 4 hasn’t got the notification for update, you can always dive into settings and grab the ICS update manually.

Apart from the goodness of ICS, after the update your Verizon Motorola Droid 4 will be capable of global roaming and will have the following changes.

Removal of Mobile IM, preloaded color for Facebook app, Backup Assistant Plus complete integration, Mobile Hotspot for improved connectivity, better camera app, reduced reset and power cycling, improved MY Gallery performance, an updated Mobile Hotspot icon, a standard voicemail short cut in place of the previous visual voicemail short cut on homescreen, and finally an improved email connectivity and stability along with a new customer care solution in an attempt to improve the customer service experience.

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  1. droiduser

    Their main motivation for finally pushing out this version that they should have given their customers a long time ago may be because this particular version was leaked a short time ago…

  2. amy

    The update SUCKS this is not the phone I bought and now I’m stuck with the stupid thing for 2 years! Never buying a DROID again!

    • benji

      I agree with you amy! This update is sooooooo horrible!! I liked my Droid 4 before this update, but I hate it so much now…im literally considering paying the $500 to switch to an iphone now instead of waiting two years to switch phones…Android is good, but they force me to do too much stupid stuff like this! I’m done with droids for good!

  3. uxipie

    ics is win
    droid the best
    amy is just another tool
    root dat shit nigs

  4. erica

    Not a fan of the background color, or the color of the font! I wish I could unupdate it. I also hate the way my text messages appear, the color of the time on my scroll bar and that I can’t change the font, except to make it large, larger,and huge!

  5. jason

    Just downloaded the update a few hours ago, now it functions a lot more like my Nexus 7.
    ICS Rules.

  6. cj

    I agree this upgrade is HORRIBLE. It sucks. I feel like me phone was stolen from me and they left me with this piece of crap. I cant see the dark blue and grey text on black background. What the heck were these guys thinking. And the slide feature is gone. The whole way it operates is changed and when u hold down ur finger to pop up the settings etc that doesn’t work either. Lots of horrible changes. And it just looks ugly. Stale and boaring way too hard to function now. Not user friendly. And they really shouldn’t get a way with this t. This is not what we purchased. . Im ticked. Ready to dump Motorola and DROID. Looking for app to change things. If cant find some any, think im gonna turn back on my old phone and downgrade my plan for the rest of the 2ysars. Too hard to real sigestionssee. And takes too long to use to find anything. Motorllla google and r carriers are gonna loose money at this rate… and customer’s too . Not talked to one person who likes the upgrade. Any sigestions anyone?

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