Windows 8 Release Preview Out [Download & Video]

We already have shown you an official screenshot of the long awaited windows 8 and told you about how Microsoft has gotten rid of the Aero Glass effect which gave the appearance of highly-rendered glass, light sources, reflections, and other graphically complex textures in the title bars, taskbar, and other system surfaces.
Well now this time we have got something extra special for you, an official video of Windows 8 Release Preview.

windows 8 preview download
Windows 8 Release Preview Out [Download & Video] windows 8 release preview 300x197Bill Gates claimed 2 years ago that Windows 8 will change the way people use their computers. If the above preview is to be believed then we really think that he was damn right. People always have wished for a tablet with a built-in keyboard which they wouldn’t have to pay extra for, unlike the iPad. It looks like Microsoft has made Windows 8 keeping those people in mind.

Experts believe that a tablet with a foldable keyboard will be a revolutionary product in the market. From the video the keyboard looks quite spacy and easy to type on while the touch screen, if also judged from the video, is also nice and is actually quite similar to the feel which HTC Sense gives in its smartphones.

The Windows 8 release preview was supposed to give us an insight on new functions like “Hybrid Boot” which would use “advanced hibernation functionality” on shutdown to allow faster startup times or “Windows To Go” which would allow Windows 8 to boot and run from a bootable USB device(such as a flash drive). But sadly no such thing was revealed in the official video but never the less Windows 8 still looks quite amazing.
It is also anticipated that Windows 8 will include 2 new recovery functions such as Refresh and Reset. Refresh restores all Windows files to their original state while keeping settings, files, and Metro-style apps, while reset takes the computer back to factory default condition.

Windows 8 Release Preview Out [Download & Video] windows 8 preview in 300x186There is still no official word on the release date of Windows 8 from Microsoft but seeing their past records Microsoft always releases its Windows OS 2 months after the release of its preview so the Windows 8 should be released somewhat around October 2012.

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