Windows 8 To Kick Google Chrome And Other Browsers, Will Feature Only IE?

Windows 8 To Kick Google Chrome And Other Browsers, Will Feature Only IE?  windows 8 logo 150x150Windows 8 is undoubtedly the most anticipated OS of the year. Its release date still has some time left but rumor has it, Windows 8 will not support other browsers which includes Google Chrome and Firefox.

Apparently, regulators at EU are investigating that whether the yet to be released Windows 8 will support web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera or not.

The investigation is due to the complaint regarding the agreement European Commission, which was made approximately three years ago. According to this agreement, European users whose PC run on Windows OS will be offered a web browser of their own choice or if said in the exact words “browser ballot.”

If Microsoft is found guilty in violating the agreement with European Commission then this might cost Microsoft up to 10% of its annual turn over which might just cost over $7 Billion alone and that figure is likely to increase to a few more billions with the release of Windows 8 and specially when the fact that Windows 8 is now releasing on all 3 platforms Mobile, Tablet and of course PCs, some serious profits are bound to roll in.

The complaint was originally because a certain Windows 7 Service Pack 1 did not offer the “browser ballot”. It goes without saying that the advanced PC users will definitely seek a way to install their favorite browser but for someone who is new to Windows or isn’t a tech savvy, it sure might be a big deal.

Windows 8 will most probably make its debut in the coming few months. Feel free to comment your views on Windows 8 not supporting other web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

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  1. BetaCard

    This article is factually incorrect. Windows 8 will have Chrome and Firefox, even in Metro form. However, Windows RT, which is based on a ARM mobile platform, will only Support IE 10. This is the same as iOS limiting the iPad to Safari and Chrome OS only allowing Chrome. If the EU’s problem is with Windows RT they are being hypocritical. I would assume that their complaint is that the standard Windows 8 currently does not have a “Browser Ballot.” This is also stupid on the grounds that neither Google nor Mozilla have finished their Metro browsers, although Chrome at least can function.

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