Windows 8 PCs Release Date Revealed

Windows 8 PCs Release Date Revealed Microsoft windows 8 150x150Windows 8 release date was announced by Microsoft on Monday in Toronto or if more specifically said, Microsoft announced the time frame for Windows 8′s mass-market according to which PCs featuring Windows 8 will go on sale somewhere in October.

Most of the market experts believed that the Windows 8 would go on sale in the coming few weeks to ensure that the computers which will be sold in the holiday season would come with Windows 8 preloaded. However, it looks like, consumers would now have to buy Windows 8 separately and then upgrade their systems.

Windows 8 will come loaded with many new extra features which we have never seen in any version of Windows before. For instance, applications will now appear in the form of tiles on Windows 8, Windows 8 will be first of its kind OS which will run on all platforms simultaneously that is PCs, tablets and smartphones.

In case you have forgotten about Microsoft Surface, here is a quick recap. Microsoft is planning to manufacture its very own tablet which will feature Windows 8, the tablet is supposed to be a a direct competition for all the Android tablets in the market and the new iPad. Microsoft is yet to reveal a price or release date for its Surface tablet but it is expected that it will also release in October. Microsoft hopes that Windows 8 will help to revive the demand for laptops and other personal computers which is currently shifted towards cellphones and tablets.

Windows 8 uniqueness is expected to encourage leading PC makers like HCL and Dell to manufacture hybrid machines which will be both laptop and and a tablet computer. In fact, both HP and Dell have also indicated that they plan to release tablet computers which will come with Windows 8 as their default OS.

Microsoft is releasing Windows 8 for computer manufacturers during the first week of August.

On a similar note, Microsoft’s stock has seen an increase of about 15% this year so far. However, the shares fell 28 cents to $29.91 in Monday’s early afternoon trading.

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